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Art Gallery

We promote culture through permanent exhibitions, art events and samples of both established and emerging artists.

Promovem la cultura a través d’exposicions permanents, esdeveniments artístics i mostres d’artistes consolidats i emergents.

Promovemos la cultura a través de exposiciones permanentes, eventos de arte y muestras de artistas tanto consagrados como emergentes.


Our space is designed to allow visitors to interact with the works, explore different techniques and styles, and connect directly with the art. 

ArteViva is more than a simple contemplation; It is an experience that transforms us, connects us and inspires us in our daily lives.

Our commitment is to promote dialogue between artists and the public, awaken the imagination and open the doors to new perspectives. We value the diversity of artistic expressions and encouraging artists to explore and experiment.

EXPOs 2023-24

art in ban 1
ART in BCN 1st Exhibition
Art in BCN 2
ART in BCN 2nd Exhibition
ART in BCN 3
ART in BCN 3rd Exhibition
ART in BCN 4
ART in BCN 4th Exhibition

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