José Maldonado, destacado bailarín y coreógrafo emergente en el mundo del flamenco, nos sumerge en su universo creativo. Con cuatro cautivadoras escenas, Maldonado rinde homenaje a la cultura y al arte, tomando inspiración de figuras emblemáticas como Falla, Lorca, Dalí y Carmen Amaya. Un paseo cultural que te transportará a la esencia misma de la creatividad española.

Carmen Valverde, la talentosa pintora autodidacta de Terrassa, nos sorprende con su colección de «ACROMÍAS». Obras de pequeño formato pintadas con óleo negro sobre tela, una innovadora expresión artística que rinde homenaje al mundo de la música y los músicos.

José Maldonado

jose maldonado

He is one of the emerging artists on the current flamenco scene. Dancer and choreographer, he combines tradition with the avant-garde.

He was born in Barcelona, ​​a city where he began his artistic studies at an early age. He has a degree in Spanish dance and flamenco from the Barcelona Professional Conservatory (Theatre Institute).

Carmen Valverde


Faced with the eternal question about the meaning of art, Valverde answers «for me it is the expression of feelings». These terms accurately delimit the territory on which it is necessary to move when evaluating his paintings.

Her evolution is completely self-taught. She educates herself by studying and analyzing the great masters of classical and contemporary painting; experimenting with different techniques (charcoal, watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic…) and dealing with various themes (still life, landscapes, cubism, abstract) until reaching portrait, where her brush shows all its strength and creative capacity.

Every time Valverde creates one of her self-portraits, an explosion of disturbing sensations occurs in the observer, who feels surrounded by feelings of desolation and helplessness. Technically, it has evolved from a smooth and perfectionist line that allows to faithfully reproduce the faces and expressions of the characters and the textures of their clothes; towards a more expressionist style, full of strength and emotions. The most personal and introspective of her collections is the one that makes up the «Via Crucis – XXI Century» project, completed in 2016 and which still remains unpublished to the public today.

She has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions with her collections

«People of the world» «Achromias», «Expressions» and «Essays in Lockdown». His most recent

works are murals at International Gar Gar Festival and Llument Festival in Girona, the portrait of the architect Luis Muncunill commissioned by the Terrassa city council and Expressions and Essays in Lockdown collections.

Valverde has artworks in permanent collections of well-known Spanish museums (Muse de los Angeles by Lucia Bosé, Salamanca Cathedral Museum, Jen Cathedral, Terrassa city Museum), various Castilian and Andalusian churches and in the artistic collections of different Savings Banks and Town Halls.